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Keyfacts in English

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Key Facts in English

Welcome to Golf Academy Straubing from Graeme Aspinall, PGA Professional. The Golf Akademie offers the best possible learning enviroment in order for Golfers to enhance there abiltity and to bring even more enjoyment to the game.


Graeme Aspinall is one of the youngest Head Professionals in Europe, with his new position Graeme then setup the Golf Akademie Straubing. Although very young he has learnt his profession for the last 8 years and has a lot of expierience and he continues to learn as the Academy moto says “You never stop learning”.


During this period Graeme has pursued all avenues of coaching in oder to give his students and members the best tuition and advice possible. Having attended a number of further education courses ranging from Coaching conferences around Europe, Sports Fitness, Sports Pyschology, Golf Rules and Club Fitting.


Since the Golf Academy was created in 2007 we have introduced over 250 new golfers to the game of golf, men and women covering all age ranges. One major aspect of the Golf Academy is our Junior Program, Since the beginning of 2007 we have had over 120 Girls and Boys that participate in our Training Programms and our Club Team.


The Golf Academy offers you a number of courses and professional practice facilities in order to help you learn. We are always trying to offer our members the most up to date facilities which for the new season include –

  • The revolutionary EXPLANAR Training System
  • The Leaderboard Training System from Australian Coach Steve Bann
  • Motion Pro Swing Video Analysis
  • Trained Brain Workshops


Key Facts

  • Graeme Aspinall, PGA Class AA Professionall
  • Qualified PGA Referree
  • Qualified Sports Physchologist (NLP Practitioner)
  • Professional Club Fitter for Cobra Golf
  • Professional Repair Centre
  • Driving Range – 230 yds by 150 yds
  • 18 Hole Golf Course – Par 72
  • 9 Hole Short Course
  • 2 Putting Greens
  • Specific Short Game area
  • Specific Bunker area
  • 8 covered Bays plus 20 grassed bay areas


Please enjoy looking around our website and if you have any questions or would like further assistance please contact us